Jens has been taking photographs since the early 70's

which was shortly after he was born.

 He has been shooting cars ever since he was able to hold a camera. Pointing at Ferraris and Porsches from the backseat of his father's 280 SE 3.5 at age 2, he gave his parents an early warning of what was to come: an obsession with all things fast and beautiful.

Often borrowing his dad's Mamiya and various other cameras from family members and friends, young Lucking was unable to curb his enthusiasm when his uncle presented him with a $5 Agfamatic on his tenth birthday.

From that day onwards Jens spent most of his spare time standing on top of Autobahn bridges snapping sports cars thundering down the fast lane below, unrestricted by annoying speed limits. He would ride his bicycle to car dealerships around the country most of whose addresses he had memorized. He stumbled upon a number of rare cars during his travels, often covered in dust or hidden away in dark corners of little garages or owners' barn houses rather than the perfect lawns of Pebble Beach.

Eventually training as a commercial photographer in his native Germany, Lucking moved to London in 1996 to shoot for a number of advertising clients including countless car companies.

After relocating to California in 2009, he has since added another side to his business: shooting cars for private collectors - like the first production car of the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren owned by an enthusiast from Beverly Hills.


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Lucking's non-car commercial work can be seen at




2012 APA LA Off The Clock
2010 The Art of Photography Show
2009 AOP Open Awards
2005 AOP Awards
2004 Schweppes Photographic Portrait Prize
2002 AOP Awards
2001 AOP Awards
2001 Velvia Bursary Award
2000 Kodak Class of 2000 Award
2000 John Kobal Photographic Portrait Prize
2000 AOP Assistants Awards
1999 AOP Assistants Awards
1998 AOP Assistants Awards

Several Group Exhibitions at the AOP Gallery and at Sadler's Wells (1998,1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2005, 2009)
Cable Street Gallery, London, Group Exhibition (2000)
National Portrait Gallery, Group Exhibitions (2000, 2001, 2004, 2005)
The Fox Reformed, London, Solo Exhibition (2001)
Marmelade, London, Group Exhibition (2002)
The Old Bakery, London, Solo Exhibition (2006)
Decima Gallery, London, Group Exhibition (2008)
Maddox Arts,London, Group Exhibition „VIVA LOLITA" (2008)
Create:Fixate, Los Angeles, Group Exhibition „SnapFlash“ 6th Annual All Photography Show (2009)
Flying Saucers, Santa Monica, Solo Exhibition (2010)
Novel Cafe, Santa Monica, Solo Exhibition (2010)
Lyceum Gallery, San Diego, Group Exhibition „The Art Of Photography Show“ (2010)
Flying Saucers, Santa Monica, Group Exhibitions (2010, 2011)
The Kensigton Cafe, San Diego, Group Exhibition „Young Man/Old Man“ (2010)
Helms Bakery, Culver City "APA LA OFF THE CLOCK" (2012, 2013)